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The Irish Quiz Organisation (IQO) oversees competitive quizzing in Ireland, particularly the organisation of the Irish heat of the World Quizzing Championships and maintaining the Irish quiz rankings which determine the teams for the European Quizzing Championships and Celtic Nations Quizzing Championship.

Five For Friday


Have you tried this week's Five For Friday?  Each Friday we will post 5 questions for you to answer, but please, no googling - where's the fun in that?!


Irish venue for World Quizzing Championships announced    21-Apr-2015


The official Irish venue for the World Quizzing Championships on Saturday 6th of June is the Clonamore House Hotel in Tullamore, Co. Offally. See our Events page for full details.



Irish Open 2015 - Review     26-Mar-2015


In our Irish Open 2015 Review, find out who was crowned this year's Irish Open Champion, and to see how our international friends fared against our champion.



March 'Hot 100' and table quiz double-header     20-Feb-2015


Check our Events page for details of the March 'Hot 100', which will be followed by a fun table quiz, so you'll get two quizzes in one night.



Try our Dublin logo quiz     16-Jan-2015


Time for a brand new picture quiz! This one is mainly for Dublin-based quizzers, but anyone's welcome to have a go. How many of these Dublin logos can you identify?



New Cork city "Hot 100" venue      5-Jan-2015


New year, new Hot 100 venue! We're excited to announce that a new group is getting together to do the  "Hot 100" in Cork city. Plus, as usual there's a Dublin venue. See our Events page for details.



Get festive with our Christmas Song Quiz       19-Dec-2014


To keep you in a quizzing mood over the holiday break, try our Christmas Song Quiz and see how many festive favourites you can identify. Merry Christmas from the IQO!



Charity online Christmas quiz launched     16-Dec-2014


A Christmas Quiz has just been launched in aid of Heart Children Ireland, and is available online and on DVD. Read more about it in this Irish Times article.



Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships 2015 details announced   10-Dec-2014


The IQO hosted the Celtic Nations Quizzing Championships in 2014, and in 2015 it's the turn of Wales.


We're looking forward to sending a number of teams over the Irish sea to do battle with the Scots & Welsh! If you're interested in competing for Ireland, or just attending, please let us know.



Try our new Irish logo quiz    8-Dec-2014


Check out our brand new Irish logo quiz! Can you identify 25 well-known Rep. of Ireland companies, organisations & brands from their logos?



British Open & December Hot 100 on Saturday 6th December    17-Nov-2014


For the first time the IQO will hold a heat of the British Open, our final quizzing event of the year and an event that will be taken by quizzers from all around the globe. Unlike the BQC in September, the questions will be of an international flavour so there will be something to suit everybody. The quiz will take place on Saturday 6th December in The Addison Lodge, Glasnevin.


Also taking place on the day will be December's Hot 100, and a team quiz with questions set by IQO chairman John Nolan (teams made up on the day). Registration will begin at 10:30am and the quizzing will start at 11am sharp. All are welcome and entry for the full days quizzing is €10.



24th Annual All Ireland Schools Quiz launched      11-Nov-2014


Best of luck to the 25,000 children set to take part in the 24th Annual All Ireland Schools Quiz, which has just been launched by the Irish League of Credit Unions.



European Quizzing Championships - A Special Report           7-Nov-2014


Last weekend, Mark Henry was part of the Irish Quiz team that set off for Bucharest to take part in EQC2014. Mark was part of a 5-man Irish team, and after drawing the short straw, he formed a team with three strangers and took part in the Aspirational Cup. The rest, as they say, is history, as Mark and his team only went and won the Cup! Beating the top two teams on the way to winning, Mark has kindly given his account of the weekend, and you can read all about it here.



European Quizzing Championships       27-Oct-2014


Best of luck to the 5-strong Irish Team heading for Bucharest this weekend for the European Quizzing Championships. In what's sure to be an almighty quizzing battle, may the Larry Factor be well and truly with you!



November Hot 100 & EGM on All-Ireland Quiz      27-Oct-2014


This month's Hot 100 and an EGM for IQO members on a potential All-Ireland Quiz will take place from 8pm this Thursday 30th October in the Addison Lodge, Glasnevin.



British Quiz Championships & September Hot 100    13-Aug-2014


This years BQC and September's Hot 100 will take place in The Addison Lodge in Dublin on Saturday September 6th. It will be our third 'Open' style quiz of the year after the Irish Open in March and the World Quiz Championships in June. The day will consist of the BQC Papers 1 & 2, the Hot 100, and a team quiz with questions set by Kevin Jones. Registration will begin at 10:30am and the quiz will start at 11am sharp. All are welcome and entry for the full days quizzing is €20. More details can be found on our Events page.



World Quizzing Championships scores     17-Jun-2014


On the 7th June, 26 of Ireland's top quizzers turned up in the Addison Lodge to attempt 2014's World Quizzing Championship papers. Here are the Irish results from the day (PDF) and the overall world results.



Celtic Nations results now available       28-Apr-2014


Full results from the very enjoyable Celtic Nations are now available, along with photos and questions from the event. Also, be sure to read our detailed and not-quite-objective report on the weekend's events!